A Surprise Visit from an Expression Judge!

A Surprise Visit from an Expression Judge!

There was a special treat at the Harborlites rehearsal Monday night — a surprise visit from Joan Levitin!

Pam-and-JoanLevitin-030215Joan is a Sweet Adelines International Certified Expression Judge who is based in the Seattle, Washington area but stopped by to sit in on rehearsal. What a treat to get to sing for a judge who isn’t actually “on duty” in the pit — she gets to watch the chorus and we were able to sing to her. And if you’re able to get a judge to cheer…what a motivational moment for all of us.

Pam asked Joan if she would share some of her impressions — and give a little judging feedback, too! — and Joan was gracious enough to do so. Everyone appreciated her insights as we’re getting ready for contest in Phoenix. After all, it’s just a month and a half away!

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Kathy is the president of KAL Publications Inc., the editor of O&A Marketing News, and a proud member of the Harborlites Chorus since 2001.