Want to know what it’s like to enjoy a Harborlites Show? Sing on the risers? Experience a competition performance? Our friends and fans span the globe and we’re honored to share their feedback.

Once you've sung ``A,`` there's no going back! Harborlites strives for ``A`` with heart and passion — and the true heart is Pam Pieson.

Georgene Jansen

I love Harborlites because, in just the 6 short years I have been a member, I have traveled to four states, made friends across the U.S. and even other countries, and get to do what I love with women who have become my friends. To call it a ``hobby`` would be diminishing its significant impact on my life.

- Kim Bettendorf -

Best musical education in the world!
Best director in the world!

Pat Shein

#1 reason: Pam Pieson! The voice, the artistry, the professional, the warm heart, the experience, the knowledge, the sharing.
2. THE SOUND: what a sound! No chorus in the world has a sound or a style like ours! WOW!
3. The coaches: ultimate, top-of-the-line coaching — mind-blowing concepts, fine-tuning extraordinaire!
4. My singing sisters: what beauty, what heart, what giving, what efficiency, what dedication, what support. What love we all share!
5. I completely trust that between Pam, the Board, the Music Team and the Visual Team, everything will run smoothly and will be efficiently handled — what a dedicated team!
6. Having Patty, Judy, Mary, and Lynne to write up the Category Corner (which I value highly!) and having their expertise involved in the chorus is an added bonus that most choruses don’t have. We are so lucky to have them!
7. The music: Pam turns all of our wonderful arrangements into entertaining works of art and I love singing with my sisters for Pam.
8. I improve every week. I don’t ever get bored or wish I hadn’t come.

- Linda Schrab -

I make my living as a professional musician, which means spending more time on airplanes and in hotels than at home. But the moment I had some time off, I hopped right back on another airplane to join the Harborlites Chorus because I truly think it's the most special chorus in the world. The musicianship
amongst the members, the kindness and heart in the chorus, is something that is just magnetic and I am proud to be a part of it.

Neyla Pekarek

I love the Harborlites Chorus because it challenges me to strive for excellence and to accept nothing less.

Lorna Katz

With Harborlites I get to reconnect with my artistic muse and feel that rush of performing again. Being with this chorus filled a hole in my heart that I didn't think would ever be fixed. But there was more. It wasn't just a place to perform, it wasn't just a place to grow as a musician, it was the discovery of a group of ladies who, quite frankly, are indomitable. In passion, in spirit, in work ethic, and in sass, they cannot be beat. I had no idea that I would be welcomed with such force, that the energy and love that poured out of these ladies would inspire me to grow in all aspects of my life, not just my singing life. And I really did not expect all of those sequins. More importantly, I really did not expect that I would enjoy the sequins as much as I do.

Angela Allen

1. Pam!
2. Everyone else!
3. The music!
4. The dancing!
5. The joy we bring to others!
6. The joy we bring to each other!
7. The joy we bring to ourselves!
8. Singing tenor with the best tenors in the world!

Bitsy Bacon

I love Harborlites because I adore hearing my sisters in song sing beautiful harmonies into my ears!
It’s the best surround sound ever!

- JoAnn Odle -

Joining Harborlites in 1994 has been life-changing for me. It's really hard to put into words what my experience has been for the past 20 years but at the top of the list is our director. Her caring personality and dedication to the members are non-ending, along with her excellent choice of music and ability to relate to every member —from a Queen of Harmony to the newest member. Her humor, heart, and too many other attributes to mention here. I have formed friendships that will be life-long and the love and support within our chorus family is hard to describe. If you love to work at the highest level at the barbershop craft and share the experience and joy of competition and performance, this chorus is for you!

- Bobbie Hickin -

I love my Harborlites because my brain can breathe and just fill up with musical notes!

Patty Mastro