Want to know what it’s like to experience a Harborlites Show? Listen to a competition performance? We are proud to have friends and fans from around the world and we are honored to share their testimonials about the Harborites experience.

``What makes Harborlites different is the family nature in their relationship with each other and also with the audience. It feels like a genuine place to be and it’s always a special moment that you remember. It’s not just ‘you went to a show.’ It’s very personal and special.``

Dawn Castiglione

``A Harborlites show is different than anything you’ve seen before. Once you hear the sound, it’s like you never forget it….Once you hear it, you’re hooked.``

Bryan Sandberg

``They are just so animated. They look like they’re having a great time so, as an audience member, how can you not have a great time, too? It’s fun, big smiles, great different types of music. Some are really emotional and they make you feel what they’re feeling. I think that’s the main thing. You really feel what they’re feeling.``

- Madhu Agarwal -

``If you love music and you love entertainment, it’s a great all-around show. You’ll hear familiar tunes and you’ll hear the challenge of those more difficult pieces sung with great joy.``

Dr. Leslie Carpenter

``Every barbershop chorus presents a great opportunity to spread the awareness of this amazing musical art form. Harborlites shows what that art form is at perfection. They really are extraordinary. You just have to hear it and see it to understand.``

Margaret Brewer

``I’d say do yourself a favor and come get entertained by real American entertainment. I’ve been to over 22 shows. They’re excellent singers. I love what they do. And I can’t believe the choreography they do and they do it so well and it just adds to it. I love the whole chorus. ``

Dave Briner

“I have been going to barbershop and Sweet Adelines functions and shows and I have never seen anything, at all, that even comes close to a Harborlites Show. They are marvelous. The audience loves it. It is an unbelievable show.”

- Stan Sharpe -

``You would have the time of your life just sitting in the audience and watching the chorus and the quartets perform. They are so much fun and they bring in the audience and they make the audience part of it all. It’s just a living thing and it’s wonderful. You just have to come and experience it.``

- Judy Martin -

``You’re going to hear some great music, you’re going to see some great choreography, and you’re going to hear some top-notch quartets. You’re always going to experience a good quality product.``

James Sabina